Day 2 of Lime Training in Ethiopia


The second day of a lime training course held at Gondar's Heritage Conservation Centre, Ethiopia.

Day 2 of training and working with Ethiopian craftsmen and women at the Royal Enclosure Gondor.

We continued to stabilise the walls by pointing and pinning the random rubble basalt walls with a mix of 1 1/2 parts well matured feebly hydraulic lime putty brought to a workable consistency, 1 1/2 parts crushed burnt lime that had remained unslaked, 1 1/2 parts sharp brown volcanic based quartz sand and 1 part over burnt iron rich gravel found in the burnt lime.

Digging up local clay sub soil and mixing it with tef straw, from the principal Ethiopian cereal crop, for a clay daub to create cups to hold pure lime grouts, mixed with a little flow agent. These grouts help to fill the voids that we could not get to with our deep pointing work.

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